Welcome to the home of the finest Custom Hoodies, T-shirts, Biker Jackets and other items for your most beloved pal – your dog.

PoochParkWear was formed after I could not find T-shirts or hoodies with Dog Park names on them for my lil' diva to wear. I thought it would be fun for dogs to wear proudly the name of their favorite Dog Park on their back and so PoochParkWear custom dog clothing was born.

Do you want a proud pooch? Order a blank T-shirt or hoodie, or add the slogan of your choice, and we will do the rest. Before you know it, your pooch will be romping in the park wearing his or her T-shirt or hoodie proudly and looking very smart. PoochParkWear offers the finest soft cotton tees and hoodies for your canine–custom dog apparel you will love.

As time goes by we have been adding other items for our pampered pooches as we felt they should decorate their collars with cute charms that show their personalities.

Discount prices are offered for orders over 30 items. Please email us at sales@poochparkwear.com.

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